Community and Corporate Governance

Bill Hutchison’s career milestones are consistently engaged with community and corporate governance, including:

Corporate and Institutional

2006-2009 Balaton Group Inc Director
2006-2008 SkyPort International Inc Director
2006-2007 Silverback Media Inc Director
1996-1997 Quorum Growth Inc.
(Public Company)
1996-1997 Cyberplex Communications Inc.
(Public Company)
1995-1997 Kolvox Communications Inc.
(Public Company)
1995-1997 Cachet Communications Inc.
(Public Company)
1993-1995 Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal
(Software Research Institute)
1991-1993 Information Technology Association of Canada Governor
1994-1996 CANARIE Inc Director
1993-1994 CANARIE Inc Founding Board Chair
1990-1993 CANARIE Steering Committee
(Canada national Internet research initiative)
1987-1989 Ontario Laser and Lightwave Research Institute
(Ontario Centre of Research Excellence)
1987-1994 Precarn Associates Ltd
(Robotics and Intelligent Systems Research)
1986-1989 National Advisory Board for Science and Technology Vice-Chair
1985-1990 CATA National Advisory Council Board Chair
1985-1988 Torstar Corporation
(Public Media Conglomerate)
1982-1984 Infomart Board Chair/CEO
1981-1983 Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Board Chair
1980-1990 Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Director
1972-1976 Consolidated Computer Inc CEO/Director

Community Service

2004-2010 KINSA: Kids’ Internet Safety Alliance Founding Board Chair
1994-1996 Kids’ Help Foundation Director
1988-1989 West Park Hospital Foundation Governor
1986-1989 West Park Hospital Director
1978-1980 Rotary Club of Toronto Director
1971-1991 Rotary Club of Toronto Member