Business and Community Initiatives

Bill Hutchison’s career is characterized by an ongoing and abiding commitment to business and social community leadership initiatives, including:

2004 – Present. Founding Chair, i-Waterfront Advisory Council and Executive Director, Intelligent Communities
The Council is comprised of 36 leaders in education, the arts and creative communities, business, healthcare, government services and the ICT industry. Its purpose is to be a community of stakeholders and advisors in support of Waterfront Toronto’s creation of one of the world’s leading Intelligent Communities as part of the revitalization of Toronto’s central waterfront. The role as Executive Director, Intelligent Communities is to lead the creation of one of the world’s leading Intelligent Communities as part of Waterfront Toronto’s $30 billion revitalization of Toronto’s Waterfront and the creation of a 21st century “City of the Future”.

2004 – 2010. KINSA:  Kids’ Internet Safety Alliance: Co-Founder and Board Chair
KINSA was created to combat the rapidly growing problem of pedophiles luring young children through the Internet. With much still to be done, KINSA has become nationally recognized as one of Canada’s leading organizations dedicated to Internet safety for children and young people. Its international reputation is expanding as a result of its Canadian based training programs for police and prosecutors around the world.

1994 – 2002.  SMART Toronto Inc: Founding Vice Chair, 1994 – 1995;
Honorary Director, 1996 – 2002
Industry leaders from the technology, arts, media, education and health care communities joined SMART Toronto to develop Toronto’s position as a leading global SMART city.

1994 – 1996.  CommerceNet Canada
Founding Director, 1994 – 1996
This research organization was created to position Canada as a leader in e-commerce, by facilitating research projects that would eliminate problems with doing e-commerce on the Internet. It was the first international affiliate of CommerceNet USA and is now part of a global network of CommerceNets.

1991 – 1995. The Canadian Information Productivity Awards (CIPA), Founding Chairman
The idea behind CIPA was to create “Oscar Night in Canada” to celebrate Canadian success in the productive application of Information Technology. Featuring an annual nomination and research process capped by an annual awards banquet attended by 1,000 industry leaders, CIPA nationally recognizes those executives and organizations who have created Canada’s most productive information systems.

1990 – 1996. Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education (CANARIE)
1990 – 1993, Chairman, Steering Committee
1993 – 1994, Founding Chairman, CANARIE Inc
1994 – 1996, Director
Appointed by the Canadian Government to lead the planning and develop a national consensus among leaders from universities, scientific research institutions and government on the strategy for a nation-wide high speed communications infrastructure for Canada’s research and education community. A strategy and a business plan were developed that led to CANARIE’S incorporation as a not-for-profit corporation with a billion dollar investment for the period from 1993 through 2000. The CANARIE program has subsequently been extended with new investment and CANARIE is now recognized as one of the world’s most advanced national research and education communications infrastructures.

1987 – 1991. National Advisory Board for Science and Technology, (NABST)
Vice Chairman, 1987; Member, 1988 – 1991
Subsequent to a national lobby campaign to “move science and technology to centre stage in Canada”, the Canadian Prime Minister created and chaired NABST, Canada’s senior public-private science and technology council. Its members included Nobel Laureates, university presidents, industry leaders and federal cabinet ministers.

1986 – 1994. Precarn Associates Ltd
Co-Founder, Investor and Director, 1986 – 1989; Director 1991 – 1994
Canada was weak in pre-competitive industrial R&D until a group of science and technology leaders from a number of industries and institutions created Precarn the Pre-competitive Applied Research Network. Precarn subsequently grew to manage a national research centre of excellence in robotics and intelligent systems, with science and technology personnel from fifteen universities and fifty corporations engaged in research valued at more than $300 million.

1977 – 1990.  Canadian Advanced Technology Association, (CATA)
Co-Founder, 1977; Chairman, 1981 – 1983; Director, 1980 – 1990
Founding Chairman, CATA National Advisory Council, 1985 – 1990
CATA was created to support the growth of the Canadian owned high tech companies, and to promote industrial R&D in Canada. To further enhance CATA’s public image, the CATA National Advisory Council of eminent Canadian scientists, educators and industrial leaders was created in 1985. CATA has subsequently grown to become one of Canada’s largest industry trade associations.