How Technology and Economic Development Intersect

Good day from Reno, Nevada and the annual conference of the National Association of Counties. The county organizations play a bigger role in the US than in Canada, as they often run the cities (for example, LA County).

The focus of this year’s conference is the intersection of technology and economic development and a subtext is how to get a piece of the Obama $1 billion for community ultra broadband in the stimulus fund.

I am the keynote speaker to kick off the day. My focus of my talk is on economic development and the role of technology in economic development. I then sit on a panel in one of three breakout sessions and repeat the panel presentation three times so everyone can hear it. Never done that before … will need a couple of martinis to mend my voice at the end of the day!

National Association of CountiesClick here for more information on the National Association of Counties (NACO) and this conference.

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